Irene Eribo-Ani
Irene Eribo-Ani

A community activist and advocate of various youth engagement projects Irene the founder of Ebony Ambassadors has created a unique Organisation borne from a vision of the realisation that every young person should aim to become Independent through skills development. She has organised successful skills outreach workshops in London, Bradford, and Birmingham. This has arisen from Irene’s pet project
Miss Ebony creativity contest in which participants and successful contestants have become entrepreneurs and have established thriving businesses such as clothing, make up artistry just to name a few.

Having organised various self-funded workshops, Irene through dint of hard work and expertise has come into the limelight with the launch of her successful vision of an Ebony Queen. Having gone through the hurdles of skills workshop, personal development, and creativity the Ebony Queen is commissioned to embark on various projects to support the socially challenged.

Irene has a Health and Social Care degree and a postgraduate master’s degree in Human Rights. These qualifications have enabled her to put theory into practise because she believes in the health and wellbeing of young people in the Community. A firm advocate of unity and cohesion hence she has developed links with community leaders to foster trust and she has successfully secured appropriate funding to enable the success and wellbeing of youths and the community post COVID.

Irene has many awards to her name and fame having created various forums for health and wellbeing awareness through BBC radio, Ben television just to name a few. Her upcoming Mental resilience workshops are legendary and, her upcoming collaboration in organising the Nigerian festival in June 2022 is one not to miss. Worthy of note is the forthcoming first ever creativity and skills contest which is in its seventh year. Irene Eribo-Ani the brain behind these exclusive projects believes in actualising her vision and she aims to execute each vision accordingly with her determination, energy, resilience and ambition she will persevere to achieve success .