EAAYE Awards 2021


EAAYE Awards 2021

EAAYE Awards

Purpose / Objectives of the Award

The mission is to identify and recognize African leaders for their efforts in developing their constituencies vis a vis capacity building among youth as African leaders of tomorrow who are prepared to take over leadership roles in their respective life endeavours.

EAAYE Awards

Award Mission Statement

In the past, we have had winners of the Miss Ebony Ambassador Beauty Pageant going to a selected community in Africa to carry out pet projects which were centered on skills empowerment of the girl child and youths in Africa.

The 2021 edition will not be an exception, but we are looking at pet projects in two African countries where we hope to train youths in IT, as we have taken delivery of some computer sets from the Prince Charles Foundation here in the UK. Equip all our trainee with the resource to utilized the skills gained.

Our mission in this edition is to recognize and honor distinguished African leaders, both male, and female who have in the 2 years contributed in many ways, championed the cause of the African Youth in their respective countries, regions, and communities, which are inconsonant with the idea and principles behind the establishment of the Ebony Ambassadors Beauty Pageant and Awards.

In recognizing and honoring African leaders` effort at creating enabling environments and capacity building for the youths of Africa, particularly the girl child, we believe it spurs others to emulate those being honored and do more for the youths and help take them away from the streets, make them useful to themselves and the society at large.

With this, we believe as Africans, we should be able to tell our own story, teach the rest of the world how to treat Africans with respect and dignity.

We believe the African youth if given the necessary support and encouragement, is intelligent, resourceful, bold, and Beautiful.

Thank you very much as you join us to take Africa to her rightful place of glory and honor!

Youths Development, Empowerment & Capacity building

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Women / Girl-Child Empowerment

Award Recipients

Defenders of Democracy in Africa

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Award Recipients
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